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Platinum Support

Nowadays, companies are increasingly facing the challenge of effective use and management of IT infrastructure in order to meet demands of best possible quality of services. A reliable and scalable infrastructure must be ensured, the one that can meet business requirements while taking quality, safety and costs into account.

With its long-standing experience in implementing and maintaining complex IT infrastructure through various maintenance models, COMBIS is able to provide full control of your IT infrastructure (entirely or partially). Continuous investment in the expertise of our architects, system engineers and technicians allows us to cope with all challenges that your IT environment brings us.

COMBIS Platinum Support is one of the strategic products intended for our key customers, including a comprehensive high-quality maintenance service, with a focus on service customized to the needs of users on the entire territory of the Republic of Croatia.
Nowadays, while cost optimization and maximum utilization of existing investments and potentials is a priority, the following COMBIS Platinum Support features may help to achieve such goals:

  • Focus on proactive maintenance and optimization of existing infrastructure and services,
  • Maintenance service based on payment by consumption, by agreed number of hours,
  • Service at lower rates as compared to other forms of cooperation,
  • Flexibility in agreement on scope and volume of required engagement,
  • Possibility to carry out small projects, to change service and infrastructure through consumption of contracted hours,
  • Possibility to escalate incidents to Microsoft,
  • Engagement of TAMs (Technical Account Managers),
  • Monitoring of contract-related activities by means of the Combis Service Desk application,
  • Support for Non-Microsoft technologies.

  • Proactive Support

One of the key features of the COMBIS Platinum service is the special emphasis put on proactive support to prevent incidents, by review of implemented technologies and by consulting, using best practices of software product manufacturers. Such proactive approach will minimize the risk of failure of the ICT system's key elements, thus ensuring an optimum approach in further development of infrastructure. This kind of system support includes all necessary consulting, as well as employment of partner channels with the software product manufacturer for validation, verification and compatibility of the solutions that are being implemented.

COMBIS' experts, information system architects, will jointly with the customer be engaged in the selection and implementation of solutions according to the recommendations and results of performed system analysis. In addition to solution design development or, respectively, verification, the information system architects will transfer their know-how to customer; they will organize professional workshops for individual technologies and solutions and notify customers about new technologies that can improve their business; they will also provide consulting services in implementation of IT infrastructure surveillance and management systems.

In Platinum Support, COMBIS attaches a great deal of attention also to regular reviews and implementation of all critical upgrades of existing software solutions that are crucial for normal functioning of the information system. This support segment is one of the main prerequisites for achieving a satisfactory level of security of the entire system. In COMBIS Platinum Support, the user will be provided with all information on critical updates and patches, potential risks to system soundness, related to specific server infrastructure components. Such report will be provided to the user on a monthly basis or, in the case of critical updates, immediately upon their publication.

All kinds of upgrades are included in the support, depending on the current license. Other minor infrastructure projects may be implemented within the contracted number of hours for proactive support.

  • Reactive Support

Effective reactive support is another key element of COMBIS Platinum Support. The reactive support process will be carried out in line with the Service Level Agreement which contains all the parameters required for quality service – from incident classification, degree of incident severity, to response time and escalation to the software or application solution manufacturer. It is important to note that Platinum Support provides guaranteed response of expert teams or individual specialists in the case of reactive maintenance or escalation of events that might slow, hamper or completely stop the functionality of any infrastructure segment (for which maintenance is contracted) to the software product manufacturer (egg. Microsoft).

Furthermore, within the scope of Platinum Support, COMBIS guarantees availability of its own certified experts in specific areas (technology) at the agreed support level (8/5, 24/7) and, if required, on-site support at the customer's location in response times as set forth in the Service Level Agreement.

  • Partnerships with Software Product Manufacturers

The required know-how and experience in providing the COMBIS Platinum Support service is certainly based on partnerships with software product manufacturers, of which the partner status with Microsoft has to be pointed out.

Other partnerships, that is, technologies that could be included in Platinum Support please find here on the list of our technology partners.

By conclusion of the contract on use of COMBIS Platinum Support, each user will be assigned a dedicated contact person, a certified expert responsible for monitoring support flow, reporting, partner assistance, incident escalation. Within the scope of contract conclusion on COMBIS Platinum Support, the ICT services and technologies covered by the contract will also be defined.

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