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Windows 2012 Server – more than a new operating system for data storage

The new version of the server operating system Windows Server 2012 brings more than 200 new functionalities. “Built from the cloud up” and “Every app, any cloud” imply that during development of the new version of Microsoft operating system the emphasis was on “Private Cloud” platform, as an advantage during consolidation of central resources and significant savings in the course of implementation, as well as savings in maintenance of the respective platform.

New functionalities of the Hyper-V 3.0 virtualization platform, new functionalities of the Active Directory platform, Dynamic Access Control, which is seen as a big improvement of the File Share system, Server Manager, Direct Access which comes as a simple configuration solution for any VPN corporate needs, improved IIS platform, integrated PowerShell 3.0 version of command line, significantly improved Networking, Identity and Access, Advanced IP Management, Storage functionalities, Web and application platform, significantly improved Fail Over Cluster, and many other alterations secure fast, simple and high-quality implementation of the new version of software operating system with centralized maintenance. Increased security settings, flexibility and enhanced features of high availability system guarantee long life cycle of the system and minimum investments in new hardware and software infrastructure.

About Windows Server 2012 Rapid Development Program:

In the summer 2012, Combis participated in Windows Server 2012 Rapid Development Program, along with 73 other companies from around the world. Through WS2012 RDP program, Combis was the first company in the region to implement Windows Server 2012 Direct Access, Remote Desktop Services (VDI), Windows Server 2012 Active Directory production environment and tested Dynamic Access Control functionalities. Through active customization of the Windows Server 2012 operating system Combis gained key market advantages and competencies required for implementation of the Windows Server 2012 version of the operating system. The program offered implementor training in the very heart of Microsoft, in Seattle (Bellevue), where Combis’ employees acquired relevant know-how and skills required for work with the new version of the server operating system.
We have identified several application scenarios where the above mentioned advantages of the new operating system will prove to be very useful:

  • Virtualization – when talking about the functionalities of the Hyper-V 3.0 virtualization technology, which is part of the Windows 2012 Server operating system, and when comparing it with the prices of competitors' products, Microsoft virtualization becomes the logical choice. One should also mention the new functionalities which will ensure development of highly available solutions without the need for a shared data storage system, which in turn will lead to considerably lower investment.
  • Disaster Recovery – Hyper-V Replica is also a new functionality which will make it possible for users to develop an acceptable solution (in terms of technology and finance), by replicating virtual servers to a remote location, for the purpose of restoring business operations in case of major business system failures.
  • Direct Access – improved functionality in the Windows 2012 Server operating system will enable transparent access to corporate environment without the need for additional VPN solutions.
  • Deduplication – functionality which saves disk space.
  • VDI – new version of the server operating system also brings support for the implementation of VDI solutions.

And how this all turned into practice you can see in Microsoft Case Study about implementation of Direct Access and VDI solution here.

COMBIS has earned Microsoft GOLD Server competency, in addition to other Microsoft competencies.

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