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Platinum Storage – A Comprehensive Service in Data Storage

Today, when market prominence is more important than ever before, business entities wish to address profiling through their core activities. Therefore it is natural that all companies strive to free their capacities and resources as much as possible in order to focus on provisioning of their specific products and services – to focus on what they do best.

If we add ever increasing efforts towards business optimization, we will come to the ideal solution for all above mentioned requirements – turning focus away from non-core businesses and letting professionals take care of them. However, what if something as valuable as data is concerned? Can companies let someone else handle their definitely most valuable resources, apart from human resources, to someone else? The answer is simple, if that someone is Combis: Yes, absolutely!

Let us present our new Platinum Storage service, which fully covers everything related to data storage, where Combis offers equipment renting options as well as services of proactive maintenance of the complete hardware and software infrastructure, at a fixed monthly charge. This way, you will be able to make numerous savings in terms of resources, from capital investments to human resources.


The Platinum Storage service includes equipment installation and configuration, data migration, equipment maintenance and disposal, regardless of whether the equipment is placed at Combis or at your location. The level of services rendered can be defined by specific requirements through the Service Level Agreement.

The advantages of Combis are, first of all, a high proficiency level confirmed by security standard certification which is in line with requirements from the ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 27001 standards. Moreover, ownership of a state-of-the-art data center and financial stability will guarantee safety and reliability. Combis combines its top technology offer with the know-how and expertise of certified experts, and such qualities form a solid basis for further development of your business operation.

We also have reference expertise in the migration of data or of entire data bases, with special emphasis on experience with migrations in environments containing systems from different manufacturers, varied technologies and very sensitive systems in terms of production.

The Combis Platinum Storage service also includes full support with guaranteed response and fault repair time, and a clear and transparent process from fault reporting to fault repair. Moreover, the Combis Service Desk as a support is available 24/7 via your preferred communication channel (web, e-mail, phone, fax).

Combis puts special emphasis on proactive support, aiming to prevent incidents, by review of implemented technologies and by consulting services based on best practices of software product manufacturers. Such proactive approach will minimize the risk of failure of key ICT element functionalities and ensure an optimum approach in further development of infrastructure. This kind of system support will include all necessary consulting as well as the use of software product manufacturers' expertise, for validation, verification and compatibility of the solutions that are being implemented. It must be pointed out that Combis has a warehouse and distribution of spare and replacement parts in place, and that the company will also provide equipment disposal services.

Being a reliable partner, Combis will take care of your data storage system at a fixed monthly charge, thus enabling you to fully focus on your business goals.

Choose Platinum Storage – Choose Combis.
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