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Supervision and management of ICT infrastructure and services - Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007

By implementing Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007, COMBIS team of experts helps you manage the ICT infrastructure and services, while monitoring all the key system components in order to create the preconditions for proactive and effective problem solving, and thus the availability of business services.

Given that, according to estimates of independent analysts, about 80% of ICT costs are related to operational maintenance of infrastructure, with implementation of control systems significant savings can be achieved.

Years of experience in implementation of monitoring system, available management solutions  from equipment manufacturers as well as software solutions,  and specific design of special custom control packages will provide you with a detailed control of:

  • hardware servers and all the key hardware components, their validity, performance and availability, and timely alert about existing and potential problems
  • network devices using a specialized driver packages (such as SolarWinds) or by developing their own solutions based on SNMP protocol
  • all major elements of operating systems (supported are AIX, HP-UX, and Linux operating systems), applications and services, primarily built on Microsoft technologies, but also  build by other manufacturers.

In this way, Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007 allows the so-called end-to-end control of services and business applications across all elements of the system, and is ultimately a solution for managing service (Service Management).  Also, monitoring of performance of all elements of the solution enables timely planning of necessary capacity expansion.

No less important, with the help of COMBIS experts, this kind of control system allows the ICT departments of the company significantly more agility. ICT departments start being a strategic resource rather than just a cost for the business.

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