Combis will open a new R&D centre in Osijek

Combis will open a new R&D centre in Osijek

Combis’s new R&D branch office will start working by the end of this year, and, in the beginning, it will count around 20 engineers.

Hrvoje Išek (CEO) and Zoran Božičević (Application Development & Business Solutions Sector Director) from Combis met up with representatives of the biggest city in Slavonija, to agree on the details of entry of one of the biggest regional high-tech ICT companies on Osijek’s IT scene.

„We have recognized City of Osijek as a good potential partner that will help us to develop our future centre in Osijek. As a city known for technological and university capacities, Osijek can be a great pool for recruitment we will use for strengthening our team, especially in the field of new technologies such as Big Data, RTI, Benchlink and other. Our project is related to knowledge and competences in Osijek, but it will also be a connection of our future centre among IT community. We are delighted that we have a chance to work in Osijek and open our new R&D centre here“, said Hrvoje Išek.

As an Osijek resident with Zagreb address, Zoran Božičević, Application Development & Business Solutions Sector Director, pointed out that he is familiar with the potential of IT scene and development of Osijek Software City.

„With the help of City of Osijek we want to make an IT scene grow and improve and, Combis, as a company that intensively works on new technologies, has reasons and the need to open R&D centre. The centre will firstly be oriented on development and new technologies. By cooperating with Osijek’s companies and academic community we can do a lot. Development of smart city solutions and of all other new afore mentioned technologies are strategically important to Combis“, said Božičević.

Experience and quality of Combis is visible through IT consulting and development of information-communication-application solutions on more than a thousand projects both in Croatia and internationally. That is why Tomislav Krolo, Head of the City Department of Economy in Osijek, referred on the size and importance of Combis in Croatian IT industry.

„Combis is not just one more company that is coming to Osijek, but, in the narrow sense of IT industry, computer programming and consultancy, Combis is, in the last five years, one of the leading IT companies by income and by number of employees in Croatia“, said Krolo highlighting the great future of further development of this popular sector.

Satisfaction with Combis opening R&D centre in Osijek was shown by Deputy Mayor Boris Piližota, who said Osijek is recognized as a regional centre of IT industry and on an international level as well. „Combis’s plan is to build smart city software solutions, but we must say that this is also a step forward to establishing Osijek as a regional IT centre and a city that has a great perspective. Combis will cooperate with our companies, and by the end of the year an official opening of Combis’s R&D centre and hiring of about 20 employees is expected“.