Combis and Gavrilović in the Next-Gen Data Center Project

Igor Dužević, direktor Sektora profesionalnih usluga i sistemske integracije u Combisu.

Combis and Gavrilović in the Next-Gen Data Center Project

The project implies implementation of the advanced VMware NSX solution.

Regional high-tech ICT company Combis has accomplished a project of implementation of a Software-defined Data Center (SDDC) at Gavrilović, a well-known manufacturer of meat products from Petrinja.

The solution is based on the VMware SDDC infrastructure and ensures the functioning of all key services and applications on the virtualization layer.“There is no dilemma that the future of IT infrastructure is Software-defined Data Center (SDDC) technology because without a fast, reliable, flexible and easily manageable infrastructure it is not possible to support today’s business needs in a quality way”, said Igor Dužević, Director of Professional Services and System Integration Division in Combis.

The Gavrilović IT infrastructure renewal project consisted of a snapshot of the situation, solution architecture, implementation, and it continues through the maintenance of the data center.

“With this project, Gavrilović is getting a modern, agile and scalable infrastructure that keeps pace with all current IT trends. All implemented solutions help us to manage our regular IT needs much easier, and simplify the process of  adopting new solutions, of expanding into the cloud and/or setting up a hybrid cloud solution”, said Kristina Autischer, Director of IT and Business Process Development in Gavrilović.

Aside from enhancement of IT resources, the project included a better management and scalability of disk capacity, ensured higher level of security and monitoring of the network communication within the data center, and improved data loss prevention.