Combis presented advanced security solutions

Combis presented advanced security solutions


ICT company Combis organized the event ‘Whose Christmas will CyberGrinch Steal?’

ICT company and IBM security partner Combis presented some of the most advanced Managed security solutions at the advent security gathering held on Tuesday under the main theme Whose Christmas will CyberGrinch Steal’.

Managed SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) is a solution for medium and small businesses and government organizations that provides the most advanced cyber security monitoring, quickly and at an affordable cost that does not require additional human resources. On this occasion, complementary security tools were presented and as well as the sequence of security solutions development and guidelines for future development.

‘Information security requires a comprehensive, holistic approach. The first step is certainly the establishment of an information management system that will cover all aspects of the information life cycle, and in particular their protection. Certified or not, copied from someone or self-designed, every system is better than nonexistent’, said Igor Klak, Head of Managed Security Program Development at Combis.

Risk management allows companies to take control of all the components of their own security system that contain information they have purchased, produced, or collected through their own work. Only then can companies know what they really need to fit into the system and how to respond to all security challenges’, concluded Klak from Combis.