Combis is opening a new office in Bjelovar

Combis is opening a new office in Bjelovar


Combis, one of the leading regional high-tech companies, is opening an office in Bjelovar Technology Park. This was stated today at a press conference, which was attended by the mayor of the City of Bjelovar Dario Hrebak, Damir Horvat, member of the Management Board and Chief Sales Officer in Combis, as well as Combis representatives Tihomir Blaškić and Zoran Božičević, and the director of the Bjelovar Technology Park Ivana Jurković Piščević.

Combis is focused on the digital transformation technologies of companies, such as Cloud and Big Data platforms, IoT, modern communications and security solutions. In this way, Combis wants to contribute to the community, and Bjelovar as a city that adopts new technologies and creates quality staff at the Bjelovar University of Applied Sciences, is an excellent base for that further development, it was heard at the conference.

Thanks to Bjelovar ‘Tax free’ program, Combis will be provided with office space and utilities free of charge, as well as other IT companies that have opened their branches in Bjelovar in the last two years.

“Your money in Bjelovar is worth more than elsewhere, it is a message we send to all investors every day. The city of Bjelovar wants to be a city of entrepreneurial friendliness, we do not want to steal entrepreneurial ideas, we only ask entrepreneurial to come and invest in Bjelovar and to hire our young experts from our University. I wish to welcome Combis and believe that it will be an additional impetus to the development of IT in the city. Our goal is to build a modern 21st century economy in Bjelovar based on new technologies. In the next seven years, we want to build strong IT sector in Bjelovar with more than 1000 employees. At this pace, this is achievable, and I am convinced that the decision to abolish the surtax after 18 years will only further contribute to this goal”, said mayor Hrebak.

In the first year of operations in Bjelovar, Combis plans to hire approximately ten IT professionals. Interesting, majority of mentors will be people from Bjelovar who work at the headquarters of the company in Zagreb and now they will have the opportunity to return to their hometown. Combis board member Damir Horvat said that they are coming to Bjelovar because they recognized the good work of the city administration and its efforts to make Bjelovar a modern city. University, on the other hand, is doing a great job, which is very important for our future in this city, said Horvat.

“Combis’ development strategy is based on investing in people and IT skills, in young talents and developing their potential. We are planning to hire young developers and offer them mentoring by experienced colleagues as well as the opportunity to work with innovative technologies that can help them grow into IT professionals. Many thanks to the City of Bjelovar and mayor Dario Hrebak for supporting the initiative and welcoming Combis to the technology incubator”, said Damir Horvat.

Ivana Jurković Pišćevic, director of the Bjelovar Technology park said that they already have twelve entrepreneurs on the waiting list for the office space so they work intensively to accommodate all of them.