Combis became a member of the Alliance for Gender Equality

Combis became a member of the Alliance for Gender Equality


Combis joined the Alliance for Gender Equality by signing an Alliance for Gender Equality Declaration in Zagreb on Thursday, 5th of March.

The main obligations that Combis undertakes by signing the Declaration are continuous commitment for increasing the number of women in leading and other positions, equal salary for equal work for both women and men, and equal opportunities for promotion and employment.

“Our intention is to work actively on achieving women’s rights and eliminating inequalities as intensely and effectively as possible. Combis is a large company that has been operating for 30 years, and large companies are as big as their support for a just society and community in which they operate. We welcome all the measures taken by the first members of the Alliance, and we believe that by joining forces we will influence the generations to come”, said Maja Markulin Klarić, Director of Digital Innovation Department.

Besides joining the Alliance of Gender Equality, Combis, together with Association Nismo same, will be selling daffodils on Daffodils Day (Dan narcisa), on March 21st, on Cvjetni square, all to raise funds for taxi transportation on and from chemotherapy for women with breast cancer. Combis is also planning numerous other socially responsible initiatives, all under Combis’ campaign for a better society #GetInvolved.