Combis solution for managing API services in Wiener osiguranje

igor dužević

Combis solution for managing API services in Wiener osiguranje


Zagreb, May 19th 2020 – Combis experts have enabled the transition to a secure APIcentric business for one of the leading insurance companies in the country.

System integrator Combis implemented an advanced solution for managing API services in Wiener osiguranje Vienna Insurance Group and thus accomplished the first Red Hat 3Scale implementation in Croatia.

API or Application Programming Interface is vital in digital business era, since it is the key to an agile integration. The solution enables the user to automate the launch of applications and provides automatic provisioning of test and development environments, thus shortening the time for application development and time to market of new services.

“Launching of new services, like our new mobile app, has become much easier, more agile and faster, and the security aspect is covered as well. Preconditions for a true digital business transformation have been created for us”, said Josip Miličić, Director of Informatics at Wiener osiguranje.

Solution also offers many tools that make day-to-day work easier for the development team and represents a comprehensive platform ready for cloud-native applications.

“At Combis, we believe it is important to change with the market, but also to change the market. Therefore, we are proud and grateful for the trust that Wiener osiguranje has shown, giving us the opportunity to achieve the first reference of this type, as well as Red Hat for recognizing Combis as a strategic partner for this region. Of course, I don’t want to omit mentioning the significant effort and high competencies of the Combis experts for OpenSource technologies”, said Igor Dužević, Director of Professional Services and Systems Integration Division at Combis.