Combis ensured uninterrupted remote work for Rimac Automobili engineers

Combis ensured uninterrupted remote work for Rimac Automobili engineers


Project of virtualization of powerful graphics stations for CAD/CAM engineers.


Regional systems integrator Combis has successfully implemented a project of virtualization of powerful graphics workstations, necessary for the work of CAD/CAM (computer-aided design / manufacturing) engineers from Rimac Automobili. The importance of this project was further demonstrated during the COVID-19 crisis, as most employees (over 700) worked from home.

„Rimac Automobili engineers work with software that require powerful CPUs and graphics capabilities, and such workstations are difficult to procure. It usually takes several months to procure this type of equipment and in situations such as the COVID-19 crisis, when the delivery of any hardware, especially specialist, is almost completely stopped, this challenge becomes even greater“, said Saša Burić, Business Development Manager from Combis.

Combis offered its expertise to connect several different solutions from partner companies and successfully integrated them to ensure the delivery of personalized graphic virtual workstations to CAD / CAM engineers, from any location and from any device.

“Our CAD/CAM engineers now have access to applications and resources from anywhere, anytime, which is extremely important for business continuity. With Combis, we also plan the virtualization of additional desktops, the VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) for engineers working on production processes and other positions within the company, and for our external partners”, said Dubravko Hlede, IT Manager from Rimac Automobili.

Combis has a huge experience in the preparation, implementation, and maintenance of VDI technologies, which includes over 25,000 virtualized workstations.

Combis’ competencies are also proven by the prestigious title of the only VMware Professional Services Offering partner in Croatia for Eastern Europe.

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