Next step of successful Combis and VMware cooperation

Next step of successful Combis and VMware cooperation


Combis is the exclusive holder of the VMware Professional Services Offering contract in Croatia. The company has proven its exceptional expertise on several projects in the country and the region. 

The systems integrator Combis has been chosen as the holder of the VMware Professional Services Offering contract in Croatia for the entire Eastern Europe. Combis won the contract at an exclusive tender of the American software company VMware.  

„Thanks to the Combis team and their fantastic work, we are in the world’s club of the best companies for VMware technologies in the area of software-defined data centers. We are grateful to the associates from VMware for their trust and partnership from which dozens of successful projects have been delivered for top customers from various industries and countries. I look forward to new domestic and international projects, challenges and successes“, said Igor Dužević, Director of Professional Services and Systems Integration Division at Combis. 

This contract is a guarantee of quality and knowledge for Combis customers in this technological field, since winning of this contract required demonstration of numerous competencies, expertise and the ability to implement each agreed project at an extremely high-quality level.  

„VMware and Combis have a strategic partnership in which they have been investing continuously since 2006. The team that grew up in Combis is the widest and most competent team in the country for VMware technology, thus we connect with full confidence on various, often highly demanding projects. On this occasion, I would like to congratulate on 30 years of successful and authentic IT business on the market”, said Ivo Sladoljev, Regional Director for Middle Europe at VMware. 

Combis and VMware have implemented many projects in the telecom, automotive, oil, meat, dairy, confectionery and financial industry as well as public sector companies, and among the recent projects is the virtualization of demanding graphics workstations for CAD / CAM engineers of Rimac Automobili, and implementation of the next generation data center at Hrvatska Pošta Mostar.