Hrvatska pošta Mostar Case study

The data center of future – has arrived



Over the years, the data center infrastructure has been minimally upgraded, and for each upgrade, the main factor in choosing hardware and software was a new business application that was implemented through different technology platforms.


After several years of putting applications in focus, an unconsolidated data center was created with multiple different and uneven components and even three virtualization environments: VMware, Hyper-V, and IBM AIX. Daily operations and software upgrades were becoming more demanding and difficult to operate, performances also were questionable, while maintenance became extremely demanding. It was clear that protection or recovery in case of an infrastructure failure was impossible.

„The new infrastructure has created ideal preconditions for further modernization of the Hrvatska pošta Mostar data center. The implemented SDDC solution is a strong foundation for the new advanced services such as virtualization of all post offices.”


Ivan Sušac, Member of the Management Board of Hrvatska pošta Mostar



Hrvatska pošta Mostar has managed to address all challenges with a set of technologies for Software Defined Data Center (SDDC). SDDC is a modern data center that provides business support and enables efficient use of resources, ensures fast response for customers, and allows having a lot more services available from any location.


With the help of VMware technology, the “brain” moves from the physical to the virtual infrastructure, which enables automation of daily tasks and ensures prevention of problems as opposed to fixing them. The new solution offers a single platform for central management, flexibility, scalability, and high availability of the data center. The existing 24 physical servers have been reduced to only four Hyper Converged servers.

„Project of this kind should motivate and encourage other customers to invest in the new technologies as well. To reduce such an outdated environment and fit it all to just a few servers, while witnessing progress in all segments – that is a real example of how much investment in modern technologies can contribute to the overall business and how it can increase the satisfaction of the entire IT team and the company.”


Igor Dužević, Director of Professional Services and System Integration Division at Combis.

Did you know?


A modern data center can be set through multiple locations, located physically or in the cloud, and with Veeam as a backup solution, the customer himself decides where his data will be stored and even performs the migration by himself. Procedures, testing, and verification of backup becomes simple and can quickly meet the prescribed standards. Worrying about whether the backup will work at a critical moment is no longer the customer’s issue.


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