Case study Rimac Automobili

Virtualization of powerful graphics stations for CAD/CAM engineers



Scalability, optimization, power and secrity – these words best describe requirements that need to be fulfilled so today’s engineers could operate with graphics-intensive applications. CAD/CAM(Computer-Aided Design And Manufacturing) software like Catia and 3DEXPERIENCE require powerful CPUs and graphics capabilities and such workstations are difficult to procure. It usually takes several months to procure this type of equipment and in situations such as the COVID-19 crisis, when the delivery of any hardware, especially specialist, is almost completely stopped, this challenge becomes even greater.

Additionally, during the COVID-19 crisis, most employees (over 700) worked from home and it was necessary to enable their uninterrupted work in a very short period, while ensuring the same user experience and high security standards.

„We love intuitive, intelligent solutions. Our CAD/CAM engineers now have access to applications and resources from anywhere, anytime, which is extremely important for business continuity.“


Dubravko Hlede, IT Manager, Rimac Automobili



Given the complex requirements of Rimac Automobili, Combis offered its expertise to connect several different solutions from partner companies VMware, HPE and NVIDIA, and successfully integrated them to ensure the delivery of personalized graphic virtual workstations to CAD/CAM engineers, from any location and from any devices.

„The biggest advantage for the user is the uniqueness and integrity of the solution, which provides HCI infrastructure with higher performance, than classic hardware solutions, along with one of the best VDI solutions on the market and security guaranteed by one of the strongest SDN solutons. If we add to that, the graphics of the largest graphics card manufacturer – we really got ourselves a winning combination!“ 


Saša Burić, Business Develpoment Manager EUC team lead, Combis

Combis expertise



Simplified management


Fast and secure access

VMware Horizon uses comprehensive workstations management and it is optimized for Software-defined Data Center, while safely storing corporate data in the data center. For administrators, this means that workstations and applications management is simplified and automated.


VMware NSX platform for virtualization and network security, separates the network function from physical devices, in a way analogous to the separation of virtual servers from physical servers. To separate the new virtual network from the traditional physical network, NSX is re-creating traditional network components in virtual space, and those components include ports, switches, routers, firewalls, and all other standard infrastructure elements.

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