Customer Relationship Management

In our role as one of the leading system integrators and thanks to years of experience in development of business solutions, we have established ample experience in implementation and customisation of CRM solutions according to the specific needs and requirements of each individual customer. At this point of time, Combis has a constantly growing team, focused on leading technologies and platforms.

Our CRM experts, through many years of experience in dealing with customers and provisioning end-to-end solutions, managed to upgrade some of the acknowledged industrial CRM solutions (for instance, Microsoft Dynamics) – in this way, we further upgraded and expanded the use of such solutions. Along with the standard feature of access availability to all customer data in one place, regardless of time and place of their origination, now, the client can conduct a strategic sales planning for the next year by product, by customer and by organisational level – from individual sectors up to the manager.

The intuitive, flexibly designed and easily manageable solution is intended for all medium and large enterprises that need to monitor systematically the business process with their customers and plan and automate sales.

Our CRM consultants help in business process modelling; they provide best practice tips, and support for a CRM strategy on a reliable and robust platform. We deliver customized solutions that integrate with legacy systems and applications, in order to enhance productivity, increase efficiency and improve customer’s engagement.

We work with more than 500 satisfied clients.
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