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EMA is Combis’ solution to companies’ need for managing mobile devices of their employees and ensuring high security standards, whether it is BYOD/CYOD model or corporate owned devices.

On the other hand, EMA provides the employees on the go the same level of productivity and user experience as in the office environment, while respecting the company’s security standards. This Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution provides you with the Cloud service for companies’ secure management of mobile devices.

What business challenges does EMA solve? 


  • Secure access to corporate apps and data
  • Separates private and business data on same device
  • Device encryption
  • Available from the Cloud 24/7
  • Enables companies with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) model
  • Non-compliant detection

Why is MDM a must have in today`s and tomorrows business model? 


  • It applies high security standards on mobile devices and data in motion
  • Saves precious time for your employees. One of the most deficit resources
  • Boosts employee’s productivity while on the go. Thanks to MDM, most tasks can be done using mobile device


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Ema +

Native applications for iOS and Android

Application catalog++

Enterprise wipe

Auto-configured mail settings++

Secure Email Gateway

Additional monitoring and security for email client

Content Gateway

Secure corporate data sharing

Tunnel Gateway- secure web browsing through corporate proxy for mobile devices+
Whitelist and Blacklist applications

Subscription per device

monthly from







*Price for a 5 year contract period / VAT not included

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