EU Consulting

Interested in non-refundable EU fonds? How to qualitatively develop the necessary documentation for the application and how to conduct a successful project?

Forget about all your dilemmas with the Combis EU Consulting team!

Ideal partner for projects in these areas…






You’ve studied all about EU funds and now it’s time to start working on your project, but from too much information you are wondering where to start? Start from yourself – ask yourself how can I do better, can I be more innovative, more competitive? What do I need to accomplish this, what knowledge, which partners? Where to find inspiration for good ideas and practical examples? How to present yourself?


It is not enough to know in principle what you need to do, you must be specific and thorough in order to receive EU funds.

You don`t have to do everything by yourself. You don`t have to know everything. Be both, successful and relaxed.

We offer the following services:


  • design and development of a project idea
  • preparation of project documentation
  • development of business plans and feasibility studies
  • administrative project management
  • preparation of reports towards intermediary bodies
  • project management and coordination of all partners


Holder of the EU ComEnergy project
Experience in IRI and CEKOM projects

Why Combis?

Combis is a leading high-tech ICT company. 1000+ successful projects at home and abroad, accomplished together with 70+ technology partners, for 300+ customer companies. Combis EU Consulting team was created because of the need for a partner who knows perfectly the EU processes and technology.