A platform for support in sales and advertising for providers of tours and other activities!

Why Excursor?


Because Excursor is an integrated end-to-end solution offering a minimal time consumption for the reservation process by eliminating the orders via e-mail and over the telephone, which means no more missed reservation opportunities.
Excursor enables communication and tour sales in real-time, excluding the possibility of overbooking, and increasing the possibility of better sales of unsold capacities.

Who can benefit from Excursor?

Excursor platform is intended for everyone who wants to offer tours and activities and other extra services
– tour organizers, tourist agencies, hotels and other resellers of tours and activities.

Excursor – Your digital way to reach better business results

Supply and demand in one place

A bigger network of partners

Sales in real-time

Simple and fast reservation

Better user experience

Key benefits for sales channels

Simple application

Solving guest requests for extra services in two clicks. The possibility of simple cancellation and reservation modification.

Everything in one place

All necessary information in one place. Quick tours and activities search depending on the guest’s language. Support for sales through standalone devices – totems.

Sales in real-time

An end-to-end solution; sales in real-time. Support for payment systems with the issuing of personalized multilingual vouchers.

Additional income

Generate additional income.

Satisfied guests

Taking part in the creation of a better tourist experience – resulting in more satisfied guests!


Key benefits for the organization of business operations

Communication in real-time

Communication and sales in real-time, eliminating the possibility of overbooking and increasing the possibility of selling unsold capacities. Possibility of integration through an API service for agencies with a back office system.

Higher productivity

Saves time and increases productivity! Paperwork becomes a thing of the past because from now on all of your administration is available in one (central) place.

Offer availability

Manage your offers even when you’re out of office! Your offer has a global reach and you can manage its capacity and check detailed reports and statistics.

Sales increase

Allowing a number of new sales channels, leading to an increase in sales and increased profits.

iFrame integration

Marketing and sales of offers in real-time through the iFrame. Simple integration with websites. Validation by using a QR code.


Excursor platform services

Excursor B2B Portal


Web portal – a calendar containing the consolidated offer of tours and activities, as well as other extra services. Enables a review of available tours in real-time and the automatic reservation and update of sold capacities, resulting in an optimization of the sales process.

Excursor Manager


A program for administration and tracking your own product or an offer, such as product content, prices, availability, pick up points or media contents. Simple tracking and management of sales and sales partners.

Excursor Reporting


A reporting system made up of sales dashboard, logistic and transaction reports. Provides the prerequisites for making timely decisions based on real-time sales information.

Excursor Field Agent


A mobile application developed for field agents. This service enables on the spot booking, billing and printing of vouchers containing all information about the excursion. We want tourists to have a positive experience, not just during consumption, but also during the reservation.

Excursor iFrame/Booking engine


Enable booking of tours and activities on your own website or application, as well as on all other websites and portals. Information about the availability, booking and billing is in real-time.

Explore iFrame and its possibilities.

Why Combis?


Because we are a high-tech company that solves ICT challenges in a high-quality and reliable way, always putting the user first. Because we consult, create, implement, integrate and educate. Because we focus on technologies enabling the digital transformation of companies, such as Cloud and Big Data platforms, the Internet of Things and modern communication and safety solutions.

Because we are the leading IT service provider in Croatia, and one of the leading service providers in the region, according to a study by the IDC. Because we encourage innovation. Because with COMBIS you are always one step ahead of the competition.

Discover excursor, the ultimate online offer for

booking trips and creating lasting memories.

For those that are travelers at heart.


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