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ManageMyOperations comes in four different bundles, depending on the modules installed. Bundles are configured to fit customers needs, taking into account the volume of business, the complexity of business processes and the challenges of the business environment.

ManageMyOperations L1

ManageMyOperations L1 is a solution’s core bundle and includes the following modules:

Master Data and Application Management – The module allows the user to manage the service catalogues and ManageMyOperations system codes, connect the client service catalogue to the contractor service catalogue, manage geo-structures and configure business processes.


Service catalogues include:



• work items,
• material items,
• machines and tools for execution,
• competence,
• norms,
• regulations,
• key quality indicators.


Partner and Contract Management – The module contains detailed records of external suppliers and contracts between investors and contractors with a description of quality and commercial terms. This module also includes monitoring of contract status and quality of contractor and supplier, all in real time.


Operational Task Management – A module that covers the planning, organization, execution and control of business processes. The module is divided into four units:


• Requirements – Includes support for managing requests or incidents reported by users in real time.
Work Orders – Includes management of outsourced and / or internal resource engagement on service delivery.
Tasks – Allows monitoring tasks before, during and after the execution of services, and controling deadlines and quality in real time. It also supports the allocation of assets quantitatively and by serial numbers.
Load, Quality and Performance Management – Includes real-time operational management of tasks and services execution.


User portal – ManageMyOperations has user portals designed for customer partners, providing transparency and speeding up incident reporting and reporting processes.
Each partner (buyer, subcontractor,…) can request access to the portal where they can see their own reports and statuses of their execution. The system owner (the “customer”) independently determines what information is displayed on the portal.
The user portal is connected to a mobile application with which it is synchronized in real time, ensuring the accuracy and timeliness of all information.


Mobile application – ManageMyOperations also includes a mobile application that is intended for all users of the solution – managers, supervisors and employees, as well as users’ partners. Mobile application displays the same information as the web portal, and allows viewing work orders in folders, calendars and lists. By using the mobile application, user manages work orders, warehouse and logistics, reviews employee and team performance, financial efficiency and employee bonuses. In addition, it enables grouping of work orders by teams and project groups. Communication between staff, managers and supervisors is supported through chat and comment options. A signature solution is integrated into the mobile application, which can include certified signatures if the user desires.

ManageMyOperations L2

The ManageMyOperations L2 bundle includes the following modules:


ManageMyOperations L1 &


Warehouse operations and Logistics – The module enables managing the warehouse operations and organization’s logistics operations. ManageMyOperations supports the operational monitoring of the lifetime of materials and equipment from the acquisition and first entry to the warehouse, up to the installation and disposal.


The module includes:


  • Dynamic monitoring of the flow of goods and materials without the need for additional administration
  • Inventory management
  • Inventory types – allows entering purchased material, shipped material, dismantled material, transit material, disposable material, repaired material, borrowed material and self-produced materials.
  • Material operational management – operational monitoring of material flow from entry to storage up to the installation, dismantling and disposal.
  • Forcast of material requirements – predicting the needed material for future deliveries.
  • Intelligent and automated warehouse filling – automatic or manual filling based on production, maintenance, delivery and installation plans.


Asset Management – The Asset Management module allows managing the life cycle and maintenance of organization’s assets.


The module includes:



  • Operating Asset Management – provides support for dynamic management and monitoring of asset status and condition by location, quality, batch number, inventory number, status, condition, warranty and scheduled maintenance for different asset types:
  • Assets on which the work order is executed,
  • Assets required to provide services (tools, measuring instruments, machines, computers, licenses, certificates),
  • Temporary assets needed to provide services (vehicles, machines, etc.).
  • Preventive property maintenance – provides support for preventative property maintenance.
  • Predictive property maintenance – planning and organizing regular and preventative maintenance.
  • Classification of assets and their structures to unlimited depth – classification and grouping of assets by ownership, type, status and specific attributes of the property.
  • Monitoring of guarantees, quality, availability, correctness and usability of tools and machines
  • Monitoring the increase in the value of assets and updating the ERP system depending on assets ownership
  • Service Desk support for corrective maintenance and requirements
  • Activate and deactivate assets using work orders

ManageMyOperations L3

ManageMyOperations L3 bundle includes the following modules:


ManageMyOperations L1 & L2 &


Financial planning, preparation and accounting – The module contains functionalities to support financial planning, financial operations management and functionalities for financial monitoring of the usage and value of assets.


The module includes:


  • Operational financial management – includes: purchase orders, customer requests, partner requests, work order calculations, receipts;
  • Support for budget planning and execution – enables real-time planning and monitoring of cost and revenue realization;
  • Projects – support for managing the goals, scope, timing, key deliverables and project financial frameworks;
  • Assets – enables financial monitoring, impairment and increase in value, write-off and disposal of assets;
  • Forecasts – support for planning (up to one month) with support for reservation and / or resource allocation (human, material and property),
  • Support for payroll

ManageMyOperations L4

ManageMyOperations L4 bundle includes the following modules:


ManageMyOperations L1, L2 & L3 &


Capacity and Load Management – The module enables management and optimization of available resources using the functionalities for:


  • Availability management – includes searching available human resources by default criteria, dynamically reserving available resources, and managing accessibility criteria for human resources, equipment, machines and tools.
  • Performance management – includes searching available human resources by default, dynamic ad-hoc engagement of additional resources, and allocation of available resources according to workload.
  • Performance management – allows time, competencies, efficiency and productivity management of all resources.
  • Notifications and escalations – provides support for defining and setting alarms and resource alerts.


Advanced Analytics and Business Intelligence – a module that includes advanced and exact prediction for all elements included in the ManageMyOperations system.


  • Synthetic Key Performance Indicator (KPI) – allows monitoring of synthetic indicators for optimum performance.
  • Advanced Analytics – includes Lean Six Sigma statistical model for process and efficiency improvement, EBITDA margin contribution method for calculating profitability of organizational units and process groups (outsourcing and insourcing support).
  • Predictive models for increasing productivity and reducing costs – includes automated identification of major causes of inefficiencies and cost overruns, and proposing corrective actions across the organization to reduce costs.

Price models for ManageMyOperations solutions

ManageMyOperations system is available as:


Enterprise Perpetual License for selected system version (L1 – L4) or


Subscription, which includes a fee for using the functionality of the selected L1 – L4 system version (fixed part of the price), a usage fee (variable part of the price) according to the number of transactions (open work orders) and the number of employees registered in the system. SA (Software Assurance) is included in the subscription.

* The cost of implementation and integration is determined on the basis of a SOW (Statement of Work) assessment and includes the actual involvement of Combis experts in implementation and integration work.
** Maintenance cost includes maintenance of Software Assurance functionality and Service Level Agreement (SLA).
*** If a user chooses to use the ManageMyOperations © Cloud system, all potential costs of the required IT infrastructure are factored into the price.

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