Hardware as a Service

What is HaaS?

Hardware-as-a-Service is a concept wherein which, by leasing of IT hardware instead of buying it, you provide your employees with optimum work conditions in terms of technology, while your business gets flexibility, improved cost management and higher productivity.


HaaS includes IT hardware, required software and maintenance – all this expressed as a monthly cost.

 For whom HaaS is intended?

It is recommended to everyone who wants to transfer capital investment to regular monthly cost.

Why Combis IT hardware lease?

Focus on what reallay matters!


We take care of your devices throughout their life cycle. The included maintenance will ensure continuity of work, avoid costs of operational downtime due to service fault repair, and reduce internal maintenance costs.

By leasing hardware, you release more capital for investment into your own market competency. HaaS is not capital investment such as purchase of equipment, but rather a tax-deductible expense. So far, your IT equipment went along with a fixed one-off expense and an indeterminable life cycle, while with the HaaS concept, you depreciate this cost over the contractual service duration.


Thanks to the flexibility in changing number of devices, y you will not have to worry about excess or shortage of hardware due to fluctuation in the number of your employees anymore.

Boost productivity!

Statistics show a 3-year cycle is the ideal time for usage of IT equipment. After that period, companies spend as much as 30% more of the budget for IT equipment repair compared to new equipment. In some cases, repair costs for, old equipment even exceed the cost of the procurement of new equipment. Combis HaaS allows you to define your ideal cycle for using IT equipment  without unforeseen costs and additional risks.

Key benefits of IT hardware lease through Combis HaaS



Capital release

• Transfer from CAPEX to monthly OPEX

Cost control

• Lower foreseen monthly costs
• By contracting a lease over for a specific certain period of time you control the monthly cost by yourself
• Simple records: no variety of devices procured from various vendors at various points of time


• Complete maintenance is carried out by Combis

Latest hardware models available

• We always offer the manufacturer’s current product line
• You always work with the latest version of Office applications

Defined time for replacement of equipment by new and current models  

• By defining the contractual lease period you also define your equipment renewal cycle (if, at any given time, the business model prefers ownership of equipment, the hardware can be bought-off)


• Option to contractually define an allowed variation in the number of devices in order to reduce the employee fluctuation risk

Risk reduction

• No operational downtime due to equipment servicing; new equipment will arrive in the contracted time
• Maintenance is provided during the entire term of contract

Increased customer satisfaction

  •  Easier management by internal IT staff due to unification of Devices
  • Employees work with new adequate devices

Single point of contact

  • Single contract for covers all hardware and maintenance

COMBIS offers the following services:

• Hardware sales or lease

• Installation

• Maintenance

• Consultancy and advice

• Creation and installation of an image on the computers

• SLA (Service-level agreement).

What hardware we offer?


We cooperate with leading manufacturers from of all IT infrastructure segments; we sell, implement and maintain their hardware. Through HaaS we focus emphasize theon lease of office IT equipment, i.e. desktop and laptop computers, monitors, workstations and related optional equipment. Thanks to its expertise, Combis achieved the highest-level partner statuses with leading manufacturers.
The most sought-after hardware bundles include a device with peripherals, operating system and Office applications:


• Laptop computer / Windows Professional / Office
• Desktop computer / Windows Professional / Office
• Monitor


The above-mentioned equipment is just the recommendation of the most frequently used hardware and , it does not in any way limit the broad range of Combis’ hardware offering in any way. Combis offers equipment configured according to the customer’s wishes and needs; therefore, do not hesitate to contact us with your requirements.

Check out the list of manufacturers we collaborate with.




Check out the list of manufacturers we work with.


Why Combis


One point of contact for everything.


Simplify your business throughby entering into a partnership with Combis. Get Receive onejust a single monthly invoice covering the service of use, lease and maintenance of your IT hardware. With In Combis , you will have a partner which who is also an authorised repairer service centre for the hardware repair, offered organized inat eight sales points offices across the country.