One of a kind solution on the market

ManageMyOperations solution is one of the rare business solutions integrating Enterprise Operations Management and Financial Operations Management in real time!


ManageMyOperations is a comprehensive system for support in planning, preparation, execution and supervision of operational deliveries of products, services and projects, including support to entire chain of values of a business organization in real time.

ManageMyOperations is intended for business entities that:

  • Engage substantial own and external resources (human labour, means of production and stocks) on activities of provisioning products/services and project implementation,
  • Cooperate with a larger number of business partners,
  • Face challenges in planning, implementation and supervision of operations,
  • Engage substantial administrative support to entering business events and postings into the records,
  • Have redundancies in engaged resources and time,
  • Face challenges in the transformation of their business organisation.

The system development is based on 20+ years of operational, managerial and consulting experience in the field of logistic management of contractual relations with business partners. ManageMyOperations design features implementation of some of the best global methodologies and practices in service activities, such as Toyota Just in Time (JiT®), Kyocera Amoeba Management, Lean Six Sigma, Workforce Management i ITIL.

High level of business processes digitalization and automation

Key benefits

Increased productivity and efficiency

Increased productivity and efficiency

ManageMyOperations will enable users to boost productivity of their own operations within a short period of time, by business processes automation, digitalization of opertions and management of contractual relations with business partners and internal relations in real time. By standardizing business through using service catalogues and optimizing available resources, ManageMyOperations increases market competitiveness and allows reallocation of scarce and limited resources to other business activities.

Cutting costs

Cutting costs

Reducing the cost of procurement, warehousing, administration, supplies and operational performance allows the customer to make more than 30% savings associated with operational processes covered by the ManageMyOperations system.

Quality increase

Quality increase

Increased productivity and efficiency, along with reduced costs, bring increased quality of the delivery of goods and services to clients and improved quality of business relations with partners.

Find ManageMyOperations bundle that best suits your business needs!

ManageMyOperations comes in four different bundles, depending on the modules installed. Bundles are configured to fit customers needs, taking into account the volume of business, the complexity of business processes and the challenges of the business environment.

Master Data and Application Management
Partner and Contract Management
Operational Task Management
User Portal and Mobile Application
Warehouse Operations and Logistics
Asset Management
Financial Planning, Preparation and Accounting
Capacity and Load Management
Advanced Analytics and Business Intelligence

Would you like to learn more about the ManageMyOperations solution bundles? All information about bundles and modules of the ManageMyOperations solution is available on the proposition page.

Business cases of the ManageMyOperations solution

Business organisations use ManageMyOperations in their operations as a support tool to:


  • Maintenance Service Management
    • Facility Management,
    • Maintenance of IT Infrastructure and application solutions,
    • Maintenance of machines, tools and vehicles,
    • Operational field support,
    • Service Desk services.
  • Warehouse Operations and Logistics Management
    • Management of operational warehouse activities and warehouse documents.
  • Asset Management
    • Operational asset management.
  • Delivery Management
    • Managing deliveries of producst and services and project implementation.
  • Construciton of Buildings


And many other operational processes of the business organisation.

We have implemented ManageMyOperations in Combis!

Implementation of the ManageMyOperations solution in the Service Desk resulted in a more precise retrieval of customer requirements, now tasks performed at the customer’s site can be described in a better and more comprehensive way, and – the most important of all – the volume of administration and data entry has been reduced significantly. All this has substantially accelerated our work operations and provided us with a broad range of options in reporting and analysis. In every aspect, the ManageMyOperations solution proved to be the brand new and extremely easy approach to the management of operational activities and customer support.


Nenad Horvat, Senior Service Level Management Specialist

The ManageMyOperations system was initially conceived as a replacement for the existing tool, for even better records of user requests and applications, but greatly expanded the planned scope. As a unique tool, it changes or merges the features of most of the tools we have used in our day-to-day work. We have been able to track a “lifecycle” of a single user request to a completely new and higher level. Because of the detailed modules that the tool uses to analyze these reporting options, we will achieve the ultimate goal – even greater customer satisfaction with end-user support.


Siniša Gregorić, Head of internal Service Desk

The ManageMyOperations system is significant for the operations of the Managed Services sector, as well as for the overall integration of the Combis’ business. With this solution, we have greatly shortened the time that employees spend on administration. Additionally, through three management areas, ManageMyOperations monitors, collects and systematizes knowledge about work processes and their results. This gives us better control over business processes, greater efficiency within the company and greater delivery quality of our services.


Ivan Kuleš, Director of the Department for Communication, Security and Systems Technology Support

Combis offers the following services:

  • Analysis of the as-is situation


  • Preparation, planning and implementation of the solution


  • Maintenance according to the SLA


  • Consulting services


  • Employees training
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