Office 365 Modern Workplace

Microsoft Office 365 offers a whole range of business application solutions that enable greater productivity, efficiency and innovation. Employees can handle business assignments and reach their business goals much easier. In order to maximize the stated potential of available solutions, the implementation of new tools requires an adequate approach and strategy, especially when it comes to changes in the daily operations and communication of employees.

Why Office 365 Modern Workplace? Because it:

  • responds to the challenges of increasing business data, information and generated content
  • improves employees’ mobility and data security
  • follows the expectations and habits of the younger generations
  • provides easier and faster knowledge transfer within the organization
  • digitizes and centralizes team collaboration
  • increases the efficiency of internal and external communication

Combis solution offering for Office 365 Modern Workplace


Modern Workplace Workshop

Introductory workshop about the capabilities of Office 365 tools. Presentation of the methodology of introducing the entire collaboration platform into the daily work of the organization with a demonstration of the use scenarios from practice.


Modern Workplace Assessment

Detailed snapshot of the state of ICT infrastructure and business processes related to collaboration, all with the aim of collecting relevant information for project implementation – from adequate licensing model, strategy of using certain Office 365 tools, design and migration plan and project implementation plan.


Migration to Cloud, management and maintenance

A prerequisite for using Office 365 tools is comprehensive integration with the existing ICT system and technical migration in the Microsoft Cloud environment.


Digital Advisory for Office 365

This is an advisory approach for Office 365 collaboration solutions through the prism of change management with the goal of digital transformation. In addition to technical implementation, Digital Advisory primarily refers to the development of process solutions within the Office 365 tool for the real needs of different organizational units. It also includes activities aimed at the adoption of new technologies by employees through timely communication and education.


Microsoft Teams Workshop

Microsoft Teams solution is Microsoft’s primary virtual team collaboration tool. With its advanced capabilities, it responds to different needs depending on the different nature of teams, different content, topics and even industry. The workshop showcases best practices for organizing team communication, document management, collaboration, content sharing, advanced online meetings, and rich integration capabilities with other Office 365 tools.

Combis is a Microsoft FastTrack Ready partner!

Our many years of work, expertise and references with Microsoft Office 365 technologies have been awarded with a special status since the beginning of 2020 – FastTrack Ready partner.

This allows us to team up with Microsoft to provide customers with the highest level of service and provide them with lots of benefits that come from Office 365 licenses.

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